Ykee Benda Kisses Sheila Nduhukire’s Photo At NBS

Well singer Wycliffe Tugume seems to be a man infatuated with Sheila Nduhukire and won’t be getting over her soon.

The Mpaka Records boss took to kissing former NBS news anchor photograph at the TV station.

Ykee Benda kissed the photo as he prophesied his love for Sheila Nduhukire.

“She’s here for me, she has never left,” Ykee Benda said.

The Superman singer has never shied away from revealing his love for the NMS boss.

It’s not however known whether she feels anything for Ykee.

Ykee Benda is currently single after breaking up with his baby mama Julie Batenga months ago.

Written by Aine Siggy

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