Sheila Gashumba Threatens To Sue Galaxy FM

NBS TV After 5 presenter Sheila Gashumba has come out to fume at city radio station Galaxy FM over their numerous nonsensical posts.

The media personality says that what happened to Kayz after singer OS Suuna jailed him to Kitalya prison is what should happen to Galaxy FM’s social media handler.

This was after the station tweeted one of the replies where a Twitter user told Sheila Gashumba that she fears to move out after the bomb blasts for fear of losing another tooth.

This did not please Sheila who called out the radio station for their unprofessionalism.

This is a field that Galaxy FM specializes in and has been dubbed the updated version of Red Pepper at times.

The station indeed is for Bazzinyi and dares anything.

Sheila has been taunted numerous times because of her ‘kazigo’ (tooth gap).

Written by Aine Siggy

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