This government is a mess and failure – Full Figure regrets dumping NUP

Well when all the pomp and vanity is gone and you go back to your senses, you seem to find a lot of sense and many things become eye openers to you.

This seems the case with vulgar NRM presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer aka Full Figure.

She came out to decry the massive corruption and fraud in this country.

This is after she was allegedly charged about a million shillings for just accessing a birth certificate at NIRA in Kololo as she intended to fly out which she finally did.

“I was recently charged 1M to get a birth certificate at NIRA. How can you charge me 1M? How about the downtrodden women who can not raise even 10? This government is frustrating,” Full Figure said in an interview.

Full Figure who is a staunch Sevo supporter even named her son born about a year ago after Museveni.

She has been constantly attacking all those trying to depose Museveni especially NUP and Bobi Wine.

She however said that Museveni should resign and appoint someone who can deal with the stinking corruption in the country.

Written by Aine Siggy

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