Kasuku dares NUP supporters to give Pallaso money or leave him to beg from gov’t in peace

Spark Television presenter Kasuku has dared National Unity Platform supporters to give Pallaso money or else leave him to beg from government in peace.

This came after Pallaso requested his fans through twitter to help him raise 100Million shillings to rescue his car from URA.

According to Kasuku, Pallaso is right to ask money from fans because they have been making for him noise that he begs from gov’t since he has stopped let him beg from fans.

Kasuku said most of those people were from NUP and it’s time now they support him or leave him to beg from gov’t in peace.

“Pallaso your right to ask your fans to support you. They have been saying you beg from gov’t since you have stopped let them now support you especially those of NUP and if they fail please go to gov’t and beg in peace.” Kasuku said.

Pallaso is one of the Ugandan artists that has had hit songs after hit songs for now two years although concerts are still closed down.

Kasuku said it’s understandable for him to request money from his fans because he has been giving them good music.

Written by Aine Siggy

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