Singer Prince Omar Accused of Impregnating Facebook fan

Forever upcoming singer Prince Omar has been accused by a one Nalubega Esther for Impregnating and neglecting her.

This lady says that she met Omar through Facebook and the two started talking from there.

Omar soon sent a car to pick her up to his place where they engaged in intercourse a number of times.

She became pregnant shortly and told the singer who he informed her to abort because he didn’t have money.

Nalubega however said that she kept the pregnancy and Omar at first gave her help although it was after forcing him.

She added that he named the child after his mother because he recognized the pregnancy at first.

“I met Prince Omar through Facebook and we started talking. He courted me and shortly we became intimately involved. Everytime I would go to his place, we would enjoy intimate sessions. I later became pregnant and I told him when I was 8 months pregnant.He however told me to abort because he wasn’t ready to become a father. After giving birth, he named the baby Namukhose Faridah from his traditional name Mukhose. Namukhose is also his mother’s name. He gave help at first although he had to be forced but later neglected me.” She said.

The child is now two years old but she revealed that she can nolonger take care of her.

When Omar was contacted for a reply, he switched off his phones.

Written by Aine Siggy

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