Stop chewing Mira or you will lose your teeth – Messe Bontwe to Saha

Faded comedian Messe Bontwe has come to warn a number of Musicians and other entertainers to stop abusing drugs lest they will meet their grave early, lose their teeth or run mad.

Messe went ahead to name a number of entertainers he knows who chew mira popularly known as ‘amairungi.’

He named the likes of his fellow former Amarula member Amooti, Fik Fameica, Feffe Bussi, Grenade Official among others.

He advised them to drink water when they chew these leaves so that they can be melted inside the digestive system.

“I want to caution a number of people to stop abusing drugs. Stop chewing Mira lest you will lose you teeth. My friend from Nakawuka who was a fisherman Saha, please stop chewing or you will lose you teeth. My brother Amooti who I have grown up with, you have lost all your teeth because of chewing mira. There is Grenade Official who I hear women complimenting that he’s good at going to ‘Bakuli’. There is another one I think fic pussy or Feffe Bussi, the likes of Bafana. Please drugs are going to destroy your careers,” Messe Bontwe said.

He went ahead to name a number of Musicians who are big but don’t abuse drugs like pastor Wilson Bugembe,Dr Hilderman.

Messe said that Bebe Cool and Chameleone don’t chew mira but use strong alcohols like red label.

He advised these artists to learn from Qute Kaye who “stole a certain pastor’s chips and chicken and ate them.”

Messe said that Kaye is now a reformed man after acknowledging his mistakes and going to rehab.

Written by Aine Siggy

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