Isma Olaxes Axed As Bloggers President And Loses Endorsement Over Bomb Comments

Social Media blogger has found himself on the wrong side of the law again.

This time he wasn’t sent behind bars but lost it financially.

Isma who was recently sworn in as the president of all Bloggers in Uganda lost this position.

Through his social media handles, a bitter Isma said that he wished it was instead the Parliament that was bombed.

He accused the authorities of persecuting Moslems and somehow went over board in his submission.

“I want a terrorists to put a bomb in Parliament so you can learn. You hate moslems so much. Oulanyah, I want them to bomb and kill you for the hate you have on Moslems. Whatever happens you put it on moslems. Now I support the terrorists,” Isma posted through his Facebook page.

Later on, he apologized for his reckless statements saying that he was overcome by emotions and anger.

“I am now sober , I acknowledge I said the wrong words that shouldn’t come from a leader of my caliber, I fully take responsibility and apologise for my actions. I request my followers and leaders of this beautiful nation to consider my apologies and disassociate me from supporting any wrongdoing,” Isma apologized

The damage had however already been done and there was nothing he could do about it.

This saw Home Connect Properties Uganda Limited which he has been endorsing axe him from this role.

They even threatened to sue him if he ever affiliates himself to the company again.

“The offensive communication video has since gone viral for the detriment and loss of Home Connect properties Uganda Limited that you have represented as a brand ambassador since August 2021. The company hereby wishes to distance itself from such criminal , extremist and fundamentalist views that you shared in that video.”

“The company will not hesitate to commence any criminal and civil proceedings against you , if you ever refer to it in your social media videos or communications,” the company’s statement read.

Although he apologized, Isma while appearing in a YouTube video with Kasuku maintained that he has a point.

Uganda Bloggers Association also distanced himself from Isma.

Written by Aine Siggy

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