Ykee Benda admits snatching Bruno K’s girlfriend

Singer Tugume Wycliff commonly know as Ykee Benda has admitted snatching fellow singer’s girlfriend Bruno K.

He said this during an interview with Magic one television.

This came after Bruno told the media that a one artist Ykee Benda snatched his girlfriend he loved most.

According to Ykee Benda, the girl told him he is not in love with Bruno K they are just friends and he decided to go ahead with her only to hear from media, Bruno K claiming that the girl Ykee Benda is having is his.

“Its true I have Bruno K’s girlfriend as my wife but I never knew at first. The girl told me they are not in love they are just friends. If I knew I would not date her, Bruno K came out in the media late I could not leave her.” Ykee Benda said

Despite the relationship saga, Ykee Benda said he is friends with Bruno K as a fellow artists, supports and loves his music as well.

Mpaka Records Boss said his relationship with that girl worked out so well and he is still with her now as a wife not just a girlfriend.

Written by Aine Siggy

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