Chameleone Recalls How Radio Insulted Him At His Home

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone during one of the interviews detailing the late singer Moze Radio’s life has recalled how the the Neera singer insulted him at his home in front of his wife Daniella Atim.

The Valu Valu singer said that Radio one day came at his home and ran riot with his mouth.

“One day I was at home with my wife and Radio came to visit me. He knocked at the gate and my Askari took long to open. So when he entered, he first ran a marathon of words at the guard asking why he can’t open the gate instantly reminding him that he came after I had built the house. He told him that it was him, Weasel and I who laid the house’s foundation. He had just bought a new jaguar and called me to sit in it.”

“He then turned around and told me Joseph you are so stupid. Then he asked my wife how she got a stupid man like me who has no degree. He told me that as they were studying to get degrees,I was busy stealing mangoes,” Chameleone revealed.

The former Kampala lord mayor aspirant added that the next day he called Chaga and told him to tame Radio to never come to insult him in his home and in the presence of his wife.

Chameleone however said that Radio was a very talented man who no one can replicate.

Radio and Weasel started out their career in Leone Island and it’s Chameleone that is praised for spotting and giving them a chance.

Chameleone said that Radio had a lot of literature in his head reason he was the best in the industry.

Written by Aine Siggy

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