Pallaso donates 7.5 Million shillings to Triplet Ghetto Kids

Singer Pius Mayanja commonly known as Pallaso has donated 7.5 million shillings collected from fans to the suffering ghetto kids.

This was revealed through their social media platforms.

Pallaso jumped on the Davido challenge asking his fans o contribute money worth 100Million shillings to help him get his Range Rover from Uganda Revenue Authority.

Although Davido collected more than he asked for, Pallaso didn’t get even a quarter of what he asked but the little he got he donated it to faded and sick musician Big Time and the remaining he added on some money and gave it to the triplet Ghetto kids who are also not in good conditions.

Since Pallaso started asking his fans to contribute money, he has been preaching love and sharing especially those who are in need.

This came after some artists Bruno K inclusive laughed at him for asking his fans money saying he will not pull it off.

Written by Aine Siggy

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