Look after Grace Khan -Mariachi advises Prince Omar

Comedian Mariachi has advised singer Prince Omar to look after Grace Khan who claims he impregnated her.

Mariachi who had an interview with Sanyuka Television said it’s not good for men especially in the entertainment industry to deny their responsibilities especially when they sleep with women without protection.

Mariachi said Prince Omar should look after Grace Khan before the baby is produced and a DNA is taken.

“My brother Prince Omar look after Grace Khan because you know you slept with her without protection. It will be shameful if she gives birth and goes for DNA and it turns out your the father yet you denied it. As a fellow man I advise you to take on your responsibilities.” Mariachi said.

Mariachi said it’s not only Prince Omar, even other men out and e denying their responsibilities which is not good.

It should be noted that Prince Omar came out in the media and said he has never seen Grace Khan physically he only sees her on television.

Written by Aine Siggy

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