Robin Kisti’s prayers finally answered, joins TV again

When Robin Kisti said that she was going to the drawing board in order to come back bigger and better, she wasn’t joking and seems to have started on that journey.

The former NTV Login presenter was unveiled as STV’s new presenter.

She joined the 100 degrees entertainment show and will be co presenting it with the likes of Mosh Mulla ,Dj Lennox and Grimez airing from Monday to Friday at 4PM.

The presenter went on an offensive attack of NBS TV which she claimed used her and gave her the hope that she would be recruited for the After 5 job.

She was rather shocked when her nemesis Sheila Gashumba was instead the one introduced.

Kisti cursed everyone involved in this mess but promised to come back bigger.

Written by Aine Siggy

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