Zari Hassan attacks her critics about her black panties

Social Media was thrown into a frenzy a few days ago after a video of Zari flashing her big black mother’s union knickers appeared online.

The video was captured during her birthday weeks ago but only appeared recently.

In this video Zari is seen dancing to her baby daddy and ex Diamond Platinumz’ song Wah

In the event of dancing, her skimpy short white dress sways and her gigantic knickers expose.

This had social media users talking about it and she came out to respond.

Zari says that everyone talking about her is too broke and jobless to afford her panties.

Besides she added that they don’t know fashion styles.

“So apparently my underwear is trending , why it’s trending I don’t know. I was wearing a white dress and obviously if I wore a white underwear because I couldn’t wear a white one.

Common sense is not common, you can not wear a white underwear in a white dress , y’all are jobless to be talking about me.

“You should get what to do. You wanted content and i gave it to you so go and make use of it,” Zari said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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