Singer Maureen Kabasiita Reveals Shocking Details About Top Military Man Including Sodomy

The country was left totally shocked after faded female singer Maureen Kabasiita came out on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show to reveal how her baby daddy Captain John Kasam is a very dirty man.

According to Kabasiita, she had a child with Captain Kasami and now wants full custody because of the military man’s behavior.

The Akasengejja singer revealed that by the time she was with Kasami,he used to organise groupies of girls who would perform sexual activities on each other (lesbianism) on his orders.

The soldier instead of having intercourse with them via the front door, he would rather play ‘back pass’ in other words sodomise them according to the singer.

“Kasami used to bring a number of girls at home and he would pay just to watch us pleasuring ourselves, girl on girl. He did a lot of things that are illegal in Uganda which I can’t even mention on air. When it came to sleeping with us, he would instead use the back pass instead of the normal way,” she siad.

Kabasiita added that for this reason, she wants full custody of her daughter because she can’t bear the fact that she will grow around such a father.

This is not the first time Capt Kasami is involved in homosexuality allegations.

In April, local blogger Dean Lubowa Saava was arrested for allegedly malicing some people including the captain.

Saava said that Kasami recruits young people into homosexuality through the numerous parties he organizes.

It’s from these that he drugs the young attendants and couples them into the same gender groups.

From this, he then orders them to perform sodomy on each other.

Written by Aine Siggy

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