I am the most highly paid blogger – Kaye Wisdom

Blogger Kaye Wisdom has revealed that he is the most highly paid blogger in Uganda despite those he found in the game.

While appearing on an interview with NBS Television, Kaye Wisdom said he has been blogging for some time and everything he has is from blogging.

Kaye Wisdom said he is paid above one million a month for every company or Association he starts blogging for which is not on any other blogger in Uganda and most probably he gets more than 8million a month.

“I am the highest paid blogger in Uganda. I hear some people saying they started blogging but I ask myself how much they receive each month if they call themselves the owners of blogging. I tell you I receive above one million for every company or association I blog for and that’s like 8 million per month. No blogger gets that amount of money.” Kaye Wisdom said.

Outspoken Kaye Wisdom said Ugandan bloggers should stop jumping on everything without proof and speak in the name of blogging and that’s the reason why he has stood out as the best blogger.

It should be noted that Kaye Wisdom stood with Isma Olaxess on the presidency of Bloggers Association and he lost.

Written by Aine Siggy

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