Pastor Sempa attacks Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Martin Sempa of Makerere community Church has attacked his fellow pastor of Life Ministries International Pastor Alosyious Bugingo.

Pastor Sempa attacked Bugingo after he went to visit his current girlfriend’s parents Susan Makula without officially divorcing his first wife Teddy Bugingo.

According to Pastor Sempa, Bugingo is not living the life he preaches to his followers. It was wrong for him to go with the second wife before completing the business he had with the mother of his children Teddy Bugingo.

“Pastor Bugingo is not a living example of what he preaches. What he is doing is prostitution because he didn’t divorce his first wife Teddy Bugingo. He is one of the people that makes us pastors look very bad in the eyes of the public.” Pastor Sempa said.

Pastor Sempa said government has a lot they can do on this matter especially giving them a ministry to discipline such pastors.

It should be noted Pastor Bugingo separated with his wife in 2018 for a few reasons he mentioned although many people thought they would solve them.

Pastor Bugingo has went ahead to officialize his new relationship with Suzan Makula.

Written by Aine Siggy

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