I bleached my skin by not my WORD- Leila Kalanzi Kachapizo

Sanyuka TV presenter and dramatist Leila Kalanzi Kachapizo has come out to reveal how she regrets bleaching her skin.

The veteran actress says that besides lack of easy access to the bleaching creams, they are told not to bleach their sumbies.

This leaves them as dark as charcoal which at times scares the men.

“First, it’s hard to access the lotions we use to maintain the light skin. Secondly, when you bleach, they tell you not to smear the private parts. They stay dark while other areas of the body turn light. It makes men uneasy during sex,” she said.

A number of Ugandan female celebrities have bleached skins and these don’t shy away from owning it.

The likes of Bad Black, Irene Ntale, Prima Kardashi, Sheebah, Spice Diana, Diana Nabatanzi are among some of those who have cooked their skins.

Written by Aine Siggy

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