I need a job before education – Bad Black to Victoria University bosses

City socialite Shanitah Namuyinbwa commonly known as Bad Black has requested Victoria University Bosses to give he a job before they tell her to come to the University for Education.

Bad Black said this while having an interview with Ibra K Mukasa on his social media platforms.

Bad Black was given a bursary at Victoria University in September 2021 but it looks Bad Black is not that much interested like they thought she would be. According to Bad Black, she has many issues hindering he from taking on the opportunity and one of those problems is having children who need her home always.

Bad Black said she will not go to school and leave her children home without milk to drink. She said she would rather use the time for education to look for money for food.

“I am grateful for the opportunity but I cant go for lectures now. I have children at home who need me to always be their. I have to use my time to look for money to have food for my children not to go to school because my children will not get food.” Bad Black said

Out spoken Black used the opportunity to tell Victoria University Bosses to pay her one to two thousand dollars per months so that she can concentrate on books knowing her children have something to eat at home.

“Victoria University gave me an opportunity to study but I would like them to pay me mothly so that I can concentrate. Or they give me a job so that I work while studying in that my children can have food.” Bad Black said

Bad Black said she needs education but her children come first than education and that’s the reason why she is taking long to for lectures.

Written by Aine Siggy

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