What your doing is prostitution – Pastor Ssenyonga to Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has attacked Pastor Bugingo Aloysious saying what he is doing is prostitution which is against God’s commandments yet he claims to be a Pastor leading other people.

He said this during a Sunday Service he was leading.

This came after Pastor Bugingo officially visited his girlfriend’s parents Suzan Makula without finishing the divorce agreement with his first wife Teddy Bugingo.

According to Pastor Ssenyonga, Pastor Bugingo has a spirit of prostitution in him that is forcing him to do whatever he is doing. First of all filing for a divorce immediately showed he doesn’t do what he preaches.

“What your doing is prostitution. A man who claims to be a pastor can’t file for a divorce unless he has different spirits in him forcing him to do what he is doing. Filing for a divorce woth a wife immediately shows you’re a prostitute.” Pastor Ssenyonga said.

Pastor Ssenyonga is not the only person unhappy about Bugingo’s deeds, Pastor Martin Ssempa also came out and condemned what he did to marry the second wife.

Despite all the talks Pastors are saying against Bugingo, on Sunday while conducting a service, he said all those people are jealousy about his development as a man with family.

Written by Aine Siggy