Ziza Bafana opens up about his failed marriage

Singer Ziza Bafana has opened up about his failed marriage with his long time girlfriend.

He did so while having an interview with Galaxy Radio over the weekend.

Ziza Bafana who separated with his wife during Civid19 lockdown said it is not easy being a celebrity and dating or marrying a woman who has just seen you in your shinning times of singing.

Bafana said such a woman takes long to understand you as a man even when she knows you have to move to different places in different countries to perform. The only thing she does is to complain about not being caring and giving her enough time.

“I separated with my wife in lockdown for different reasons. But people should know it is not easy to be married while in this celebrity life. You can easily get a woman of your choice but these women don’t understand. She will keep complaining for the rest of her life because of not understanding who you are.” Ziza Bafana said

Ziza Bafana took a break for music for like two years but on coming back, he said life was too hard for him most especially family wise.

It should be noted that Ziza Bafana separated with his wife while having two three children together.

Written by Aine Siggy

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