A Secret behind Bizonto’s separation

A comedy group of four people Julius Sserwada, Mbabali Maliseeri, Gold Kimato Opio and Simon Peter Ssabakaki commonly known as Bizonto have officially separated due to money issues among themselves.

This was revealed by two of the Bizontos while having an interview with Spark Television.

According to these Bizontos, the one known as Sabazonto decided to own the whole group alone and take on others like his workers because he knows there is a huge amount of the money in the pipeline.

“We are no longer in the Bizonto group. Over the weekend, Sabazonto registered our group without our knowledge and he owned it, he sent us applications that we apply in this group with and on top of that we sign a contract. To be sincere it is because we all know there is a lot of money coming and that is the reason he did that.” The two Bizontos said

These Bizontos came as a group and have been working together for like two years but different issues have been coming up since they started working together.

Waiting for Sabazontos side of the story. In case he speaks we will keep you updated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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