Comedy Store introduces new segment ‘The Chill’

Comedy Store headed by comedian Alex Muhangi has introduced a new segment on their schedule called ‘The Chill’.

This is happening after the entertainment industry being hit by Covid19 and under lockdown for now two years and ‘The Chill’ is one of the segments created to put a smile on Ugandan.

According to the document, ‘The Chill’ will involve different celebrities that will open up the truth about their lives with some humor.

Comedy Store Uganda has a new segment titled ‘The Chill’ where a panel of comedians will be tackling current affairs but this time with a good dose of humor. Alex Muhangi will host a set of celebrities, mostly comedians, to dissect events that made headlines in the previous week. During the discussion, the guests give their honest and witty opinion on the different topics usually with a less serious approach from mainstream media.” The document read.

‘The chill’ has been going on for a few weeks but there was no official statement to let Ugandans know exactly what it is about.

It should be noted that Comedy Store has been in existence since 2016 and it has natured different comedians Mariachi inclusive

Written by Aine Siggy

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