LugaCloud hits the hosting market of Uganda by offering free .ug domains

LugaCloud, a new hosting provider in Uganda, offers free .ug domains with their shared hosting package. The name of the package is “Shared Pro.” It is an excellent opportunity for low-budget users looking for the best web hosting company in Uganda with completely free .ug domains at a meager price, which is $ 3.50 /per month. The special offer hosting package of LugaCloud includes- Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Diskspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, and 30 days risk-free guarantee.

We investigated the best web hosting and cheap .ug domains servicing and pricing scenario in Uganda. LugaCloud gives not only discounted prices .ug domain but also free domain with their special package, whereas other hosting providers charge $30 for a domain. People can save a lot of money buying hosting from LugaCloud. According to them, people who bought their hosting services can save up to 80% on all of their services if they purchase a yearly plan.

LugaCloud is a web hosting company based in Kampala, Uganda. They provide a variety of services to the local Australian market at reasonable prices and with high quality. Their services include- Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and WordPress Hosting. Moreover, they have Domain Checker, Domain Transfer, and a variety of domain-related services.

There are three types in their shared hosting packages named- Starter, Business, and Agency. Customers get one domain in the Starter package and unlimited domains in the other two. .COM domains are free with Business and Agency packages, whereas as a bonus, customers get .ug domains at only $10 with the Agency package. When it comes to storage, LugaCloud gives 5 GB and 20GB storage with the Started package and Business package and unlimited storage for the Agency. They have no restrictions in terms of monthly visitors with all their packages. Customers get website backup protections, automatic malware scans, and free SSL certificates with all plans, including Starter, Business, and Agency. However, Business and Agency customers get some extra features like discount domain price. They provide simple to use control panels, contain an industry-standard control panel for installing apps, managing backups, and securing your data with all types of packages. More than 150 free apps can be installed with a single click. Installatron provides access to over 150 free apps for creating CMS sites (WordPress, Joomla), forums, and blogs. Network security is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have the comfort of knowing that your network security and DDoS protection are closely watched around the clock. If customers need file transfer to their hosting, they will assist their best. Customers just need to create a support ticket from their website. LugaCloud recommends the Agency package; however, their most popular package is business. They state that “with Cheap Shared Hosting, you get all the flexibility, dependability, speed, and safety you really ought to build your website and make it available to the rest of the world.”

LugaCloud has hosting plans for WordPress users. Business wonders who run their business with WordPress websites can power up their websites through LugaCloud’s WordPress hosting. LugaCloud WordPress Hosting is built specifically to deliver cutting-edge functionality on pure NVMe storage. They have two types of packages for WordPress site hosting. WP1 package includes a .COM domain, which is entirely free. This domain is $13.84/year equivalent. LugaCloud offers unlimited domains with this package. Customers can get 10GB SSD storage if they buy WP1 hosting plan for their business. Unlimited visitors can visit per month. Not only that, website backup protection is available as their clients never lose their valuable data. All of these fantastic things can avail just only $2.00/month.

On the other hand, the WP 2 plan charges $3.99/month, and customers get free .COM domain as well. Not only that, they provide a .ug domain at just only $10. Like the WP 1 package, the WP 2 plan consists of unlimited domain integration, unlimited monthly visitors, website backup protection, and automatic malware scans. However, this plan buyers get unlimited SSD storage for their websites. All plans include an easy-to-use C-panel,  1-click installation of over 150 applications, and 24 and 7 network security. Exceptional website caching and performance enhancement with LSCache. With all packages, LugaCloud includes centralized management.

If anyone wants to start their hosting business, LugaCloud always stays by their side. They have cheap and quality reseller hosting plans for entrepreneurs. Their Budget Reseller Hosting plans include the most recent Intel® SSD Drives and Xeon Processors, Litespeed, Website Builders, cPanel/WHM, Direct Admin, Anti-DDoS security, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Customers can test their services by purchasing reseller hosting packages only for $2.00 for the first month. cPanel Reseller Entry, cPanel Reseller Pro, DirectAdmin Reseller Entry, and DirectAdmin Reseller Entry are their reseller hosting packages. Customers get unlimited domain integration with all four packages. Up to 20 to 25 accounts are allowed with the cPanel Reseller Entry and DirectAdmin Reseller Entry. In contrast, up to 250 and 300 accounts are permitted with the cPanel Reseller Pro and DirectAdmin Reseller Entry packages. When it comes to storage, cPanel Reseller Entry and DirectAdmin Reseller Entry have 50 GB NVMe Storage. The other two packages have unlimited storage facilities. Apart from these, all plans provide customers with Website backup protection, Automatic malware scans, Litespeed / LSCache, and Custom Nameservers.

LugaCloud’s domains are locked. Assuming customers fail to renew their domain. In this period, someone can intervene and transfer their domain name without their knowledge. Alternatively, they can modify the email address associated with their site account. In this scenario, the domain lock feature is beneficial. Once customers have found the exact domain, they can protect it by locking it down to stop unwanted transfers.

Overall, LugaCloud gives the best deal and quality in the Uganda market at a very cheap rate. It is assumed that they would grab huge people’s attention in no time.

Written by Aine Siggy

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