Captain Kasami is sending me death threats – Maureen Kabasiita

Faded singer Maureen Kabasiita has come out to reveal how she’s being threatened by the father of her daughter, Captain Kasami.

The singer said that ever since she came out in the public to talk about her troubles with the Water Front Beach proprietor, she’s been receiving threats from him.

She added that she’s being told to back off the case of her gaining full custody of her daughter.

The singer also revealed that the Police in Entebbe hasn’t been helpful because of Kasami’s power.

She however reiterated that she can’t let her daughter grow up in such a broken dirty environment with her father.

“I have been receiving threats from Captain Kasami to back off this case. I met a certain minister in Entebbe who referred me to Kampala for further assistance. The Police back in Entebbe hasn’t been so helpful because captain Kasami is so powerful.
I’m however not giving up on my daughter because I was even beaten some time ago fighting for the same reason. I can’t let her grow in such an environment that I have constantly been describing in the news. I urge all groups fighting for women and children’s rights to help me because my reasons are valid,” Kabasiita said.

A few days ago she came out in the public to allege how Kasami recruits youths into homosexuality.

She added that even when he’s having sexual intercourse, he uses the ‘back door’.

Written by Aine Siggy

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