Leave Bugingo alone – Kato Lubwama

Former Kawempe Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama has called on Ugandans to stop attacking Pastor Bugingo because he is also human and he gets hurt so many times.

He said this while having an interview with NBS Television.

This came after Pastor Bugingo officially visited the parents of his second wife many people call a ‘prostitute’ without finalizing his divorce with the first wife and a mother of his children Teddy Naluswa Bugingo.

According to Kato Lubwama, marriage is a prison and if Pastor Bugingo decided to leave the prison that is goof for him. Ugandans should stop attacking him for his decision because he knows what he has been going through personally.

“Ugandans leave Pastor Bugingo alone I know many of you know how hard it is to be in marriage. Marriage is a prison and if he decided to leave a prison no one has authority to stop him,” Kato Lubwama said.

Outspoken Kato Lubwana said getting married in the church and putting on rings doesn’t mean everything is fine.

Comedian Lubwama adived Pastor Bugingo to go ahead with is decision because he knows what is good for him and what is not good, he should not live a life of suffering to impress Ugandans who don’t appreciate.

Written by Aine Siggy

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