I lost my virginity in form 6 vacation – Karole Kasita

Female dancehall singer Karole Kasita while appearing on Galaxy FM has revealed that she lost her ‘goat’ during her form 6 vacation.

The Baba(burn) singer said that once she clocked the legal age, she started getting her goodies chewed as she would move out with different men.

Karole Kasita however said that she was an innocent girl through out her school years because she did not engage in any sexual activities.

This was despite having a boyfriend who she appreciated for not demanding for her cookie prematurely.

She only served him her sumbie after maturing thus advising fellow girls out there to do the same and wait till when they have grown up to start enjoying the forbidden fruit.

“My boyfriend never ate stuff with me while we were in high school not until when I was big enough to eat stuff with him. My goat left the pole in my senior six vacations, despite having a boyfriend all that time, he could only advise me and stop at cuddling me. I’m advising girls, you can have a boyfriend who can provide you with everything minus taking you to bed,” she said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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