I was beaten up by Captain Kasami’s goons – Maureen Kabasiita

As singer Maureen Kabasiita continues to press to attain her child from her ex, Capt Kasami, she has been revealing some dark secrets about the ex military man.

She revealed how she was beaten up by Kasami’s goons because they want her to keep quiet.

The singer further said that she has been in a touch with an NGO which is helping her and has provided her with a sense of security.

“I’m not giving up on gaining full custody of my daughter. The Minister who I got in touch with even asked me why I had been silent for this long. Why I was witnessing all these things and keeping quiet about them. He told me that today is me, the next day might be my daughter or someone else. I’m currently working with an NGO that has made me feels secure,” Kabasiita said.

She s few days came out to reveal how she wants to groom her daughter that she shares with Captain Kasami.

According to Kabasiita, Kasami is a very evil and dirty man who recruits young people into homosexuality.

Besides that he engages girls in lesbianism and does ‘backpass’ on them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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