Desire Luzinda’s daughter talks about her weight struggles

Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle Kaddu celebrated her 18th birthday over the weekend and she came out to talk about her body and weight struggles.

Weight getting out of control is one of the problems of most teenagers and this always has a toll on them mentally and physically.

It was no exception for the gorgeous Michelle as she revealed in a live video with her mother.

According to Michelle, she got to a point of depression because her body had become out of shape for her age.

Despite the constant encouragement and compliments by her mother on how good she looked, she did not like it.

It was only after a few changes in the diet and exercises that got her back into shape.

The family currently resides in the US and Michelle has turned into a gorgeous young woman that is already having Ugandan male social media users talking in whispers.

Some of these like singer Victor Ruz had always waited for her to clock 18 and now since she’s of legal age, it’s waited to see if they will attempt a move.

Desire however safeguards her daughter like a prized treasure.

Written by Aine Siggy

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