Do we get you also as part of the package? Fans question Sheebah about her high boat cruise fees

Fans can be so naughty at times that they can put their celebrity on the spot or even at times leave them no choice but to press the block button.

TNS singer Sheebah Karungi had it with her fans after she posted the prices of her new boat cruise business.

These were deemed outrageous by the singer’s fans an they started asking what comes along because these fares are so high.

Some even asked her if she offers private services.

“Otumanyidde nyo nawe olimba.”

“Bakuwelaako enseneene, omulondo, ne ka massage akaliimu ebilungo.”

For the 3m package, Sheebah yamaala ensonga zo zoona.”

“On this lake Victoria Oba Indian Ocean coz that money apana.”

“Kati VIP obawaako or mulimu ekimansulo.”

“Haaaa nga expensive!!! That 750k package comes with what?”

The singer did not however call everyone to attend and it will be only for those who can afford.

Sheebah has been growing her brand into business and already boasts of Holic pads and Red Terrace events company.

She was also recently nominated alongside Bobi Wine and B2C in the Janzi Awards for the most Outstanding Entrepreneur Artist category.

Written by Aine Siggy

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