Big Eye has no authority to suspend anyone from UMA – Isaac Rucci

Isaac Ruccibigango popularly known as Isaac Rucci has come out to trash Big Eye ‘s letter that came out this week suspending three members of UMA.

The suspended included Phina Mugerwa, Halima Namakula and Isaac Rucci himself.

According to Big Eye’s letter the trio are not allowed to conduct any business on behalf of UMA and anyone who deals with them does so at their own risk.

This is after a heated argument that involved Phina and Halima at Fairway Hotel last month.

Ruuci however said that Big Eye as a treasurer has no authority to issue the letter he signed and stamped.

He added that he’s only waiting communication from UMA president Cindy.

“The letter Big Eye issued is not proper and understandable. UMA has a policy board that has to sit to come to such conclusions. Whatever happened between Phina and Halima lshould be left out of the media. They have a great liking for each other and you might find they are already in talking terms again. I’m only awaiting for communication from my president, Cindy because I have been in touch with her. If she asks me to step down, I will but not on Big Eye’s letter. For now I will continue doing my work related to UMA that comes through my office because I’m a big pillar in the association,’ Rucci said.

He however denied that the disagreements between Phina and Halima stemmed from money.

Dembe FM talk and talk show co-host Eddie Sendi however believes the disagrements stems from money.

He advised Cindy to step in as soon as possible to arrest this situation before it goes out of hand.

Written by Aine Siggy

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