Bruno K beats up Oscar Big Tym over money

Word coming in indicates how rejuvenated singer Oscar Big Tym/Scar Ug fought with his savior Bruno K.

This was revealed by Oscar himself while appearing in a local media interview.

Oscar says that although Bruno K has been helping him, he also decided to take advantage of his innocence and exploit him.

He however maintained that he’s still friends with the Faridah singer.

“I really don’t want to talk about what happened with Bruno K because he’s my friend and brother but the truth is I was beaten by him and his manager, I didn’t fight back. He has been using all the money given to me for his own good. When Pallaso gave me 1 million shillings, I was told that it was only 500,000 shillings. I was also given 500,000 shillings by another wellwisher and gave Bruno K 400,000 to deposit on the bank account for my music but he put nothing and chewed all of it.”

“He has been taking advantage of me. This is how an innocent person like me trusts so much and ends up being duped. I just don’t like the way he has been doing business. I was given everything for free, from the clothes you see me putting on, to the health bills, nothing was charged but of all the monies collected, I was given just 200,000 shillings,” Oscar said.

It should be noted that it was Bruno K who brought Oscar’s sad state to the public eye.

The former Big Tym member had become a nuisance due to heavy drug abuse.

He was also on the verge of losing his leg as it was rotting away.

Bruno K however hugely helped him to get access to medical treatment and rebranded him reigniting his already dead music career.

Written by Aine Siggy

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