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VIDEO: Popular radio motivational speaker, Sophie Tebi kicked out of house

Imagine being kicked out of what you called your home towards the festive season, that’s a year wasted and seems to be the case for CBS FM radio presenter Sophie Tebi.

Tebi who is known by many as a motivational speaker that usually gives advice to couples in relationships was embarrassed in front of camera yesterday.

This is after her husband a one Jamiru kicked her out of the house like a chicken thief.

According to Jamiru, he’s so tired of Sophie’s poor upbringing and disrespect towards him.

Jamiru added that she even got him arrested a thing he couldn’t tolerate.

Here is the Video:

He sent her packing out of the house he had built for her telling her to go back to her parents and be taught proper behaviors.

“I’m tired of her disrespect towards me. She really has the worst manners a man would never wish to see in their wife. I have tried my level best to tolerate her but I have failed. Imagine she even got me arrested. This is something I cannot tolerate and I let her take everything she wants from the house and go. I had just built her this house but I want her out,” Jamiru said.

Tebi meanwhile in her defense kept accusing Jamiru of fabricating things about her.

She was covering her face without wanting the cameras to capture her face.

There was also a man found in the house who managed to sneak out while covering his face in a scarf.

Tebi is a very popular figure in the local radio stations and especially Tiktok because of her relationship advice.

She works on CBS FM.

Social media is however up in amusement on how she failed to apply this advice to her own marriage.

Written by Aine Siggy

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