Shocking details about Chance Nalubega and late Pastor Yiga’s child

The public was shocked to learn that veteran singer Chance Nalubega allegedly had a child with the late Pastor Yiga Abizzayo of Revival church Kawala.

This was after a will of the late pastor surfaced indicating how a son of about 14 years ago was included in the will.

Shockingly the controversial pastor had indicated that this boy was born between him and singer Chance Nalubega.

The ‘Guma Omwoyo’ singer however came out to trash this saying she has never jumped in bed with the late pastor.

Nalubega said that it’s rather a confusion of names and not her.

She revealed that it was another Nalubega who sadly passed away some time back.

Nalubega said that this woman shared a surname with her but wasn’t called Chance as the media is trying to put it.

“I have never had any relationship with Pastor Yiga. It was rather another Nalubega who had a kid with the late. She even some time back took him to court accusing him of child neglect. I don’t know how the case ended but unfortunately she passed away. I don’t know where her child is right now. She was called Nalubega but not Nalubega Chance and the media tried to throw me in the mix at the time too,” Nalubega said.

This comes after Yiga’s heir Pastor Andrew Jjengo decided to split his late father’s assets amongst all his children included in the will.

The development comes after numerous disagreements over property distribution and how the wealth is being handled.

Yiga, its said had included over 20 children in his will although he added that some will have to be taken to DNA to confirm their paternity.

Written by Aine Siggy

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