Bugingo was bewitched – Pastor Ssempa

Makerere Community Church pastor, Martin Ssempa has come out to show his disgust over Pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s relationship with his new wife to be Susan Makula.

Bugingo and Makula over the past few weeks have done a Kwanjula and introduction ceremony.

The only thing remaining is Church wedding before they can ne declared husband and wife.

However Bugingo is still married to his first wife Teddy Naluswa legally which renders his marriage both under the law and Church null.

Ssempa believes that Bugingo is under some charms and the person who bewitched him continues to add more.

The outspoken pastor cited the marriage of Gospel singer Judith Babirye who also got married to a married man despite the warnings.

Their marriage didn’t even last a year and Ssempa prophesied that Bugingo and Makula’s marriage too is destined for such a direction.

“Bugingo is just a comedian. He first shamed his wife saying that she has fistula. Which sane man can do such a thing publicly. This marriage won’t last long because it doesn’t have God’s blessings. Take an example of Judith Babirye’s, she stole someone’s man but the marriage didn’t last long. You can even see the people who escorted Bugingo, the likes of Bebe Cool, Kato Lubwama, nothing sensible. Bugingo is under strong charms and he shouldn’t be counted as a pastor because he’s a disgrace to the name,” he said.

Bugingo and Makula continue to face public backlash from some sections of the public.

Pastor Mondo also said that Bugingo’s money won’t guarantee a long lasting relationship because that’s only done by God.

Mondo also wants people not to judge other pastors basing on Bugingo’s actions.

Lawyer Male Mabirizi ran to court in Entebbe and he wants this marriage quashed and the participants of it arrested.

Bugingo and Makula however seem to be living the time of their lives and these words hit on deaf ears.

Written by Aine Siggy

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