Dj Jacob Omutuuze deported from Dubai

Dembe FM presenter Dj Jacob Omutuuze has been deported from Dubai.

The radio presenter a few days ago took took to his social media pages to reveal how he had been arrested in Dubai.

Jacob added that he was arrested on concerns of bearing a fake passport that had been blacklisted.

He added that he was being mistaken for a Nigerian adding that this had happened to him in Turkey too.

Jacob then called on the Ugandan embassy to help him out adding that Pallaso and Flavia Namulindwa were already doing all they could to help him.

He also decried the poor prison conditions in Dubai saying there was no food and anything proper to sleep on.

Jacob took to his social media pages to thank all Ugandans who had helped through.

“Thank God I’m back and on Monday I will be going to internal affairs and Dubai embassy. Today I was supposed to be in Dubai court but the force which was coming from Uganda saved me through it,” he posted on his social media pages.

Written by Aine Siggy

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