Frank Gashumba threatens to post all his ex girlfriends

Social analyst Frank Gashumba has threatened to post all his ex girlfriends on social media for people to know that he has been through a lot.

This came after he was criticized for commenting on Pastor Bugingo’s marriage when he is not married and knows nothing about marriage.

According to Frank Gashumba, Ugandans don’t like good things and that is why he always keeps his relationships private but if they keep talking he will post all his ex girlfriends so that Ugandans can know the truth.

“I have always decided to keep my relationships private because Ugandans don’t like good things. If you keep talking I will post all my ex girlfriends and you will know that I have been having even cuter girls.” Frank Gashumba said.

Frank Gashumba is one of the people that has kept all relationship life so private that even the mother of his daughter Sheila Gashumba has never been posted any where.

Frank Gashumba said for now he is single but if he gets a wife he will do all the ceremonies privately.

Written by Aine Siggy

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