Bruno K’s contradictory story with his late Baby mama revealed

Singer Bruno K’s story with his late Baby mama Rachel Nasasira contradictory story has been revealed.

Through a social media video, Rachel’s uncle said Bruno K has been their for his baby mother in every situation unlike the rumors making rounds on social media that he was never in her life.

Rachel’s uncle known as Mark said as far as he is concerned, Bruno K has been a good person to them in that he took all his responsibilities, looked after the child and mother in every situation.

“What is making rounds on social media is not true that Bruno K never looked after Rachel. Bruno K did everything, he even paid some hospital bills only God knows why he decided to take away Rachel. Bruno K has been looking after his child even when her mother was still alive.” Rachel’s uncle revealed.

Social media users started attacking Bruno K the day he posted the mother of his child for the first time after death asking why he couldn’t post her while she was still breathing.

Rachel’s uncle said his daughter never wanted to be in the lime light and also requested that her daughter Briella should never be put on social media.

Written by Aine Siggy

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