I don’t need Bobi Wine’s unnecessary sympathy -Dj Jacob Omutuuze

Dembe FM presenter has come our to reveal how he’s the principle of his own life and doesn’t need to he ‘principled’ by anyone especially Bobi Wine.

It has been a common thing for the NUP big fish to post some of his close allies or those who subscribe to NUP especially when they are facing troubles.

Jacob was in the same sort of trouble after he got arrested in Dubai at the airport for allegedly bearing a fake passport.

He was sent behind bars for about 4 days in poor living conditions which he came out to cry for.

Among the people that helped him to get out of jail, he thanked were Juliana Kanyonozi, Pallaso, Flavia Namulindwa among others.

When asked if Bobi Wine had done something like posting him since he aligned himself to NUP in the previous elections which he controversially won, Jacob gave an indirect diss.

“I’m the principle of my own life and I don’t need any principle to post me for sympathy. He only posts those who are close and useful to him. I don’t think I’m of any value to him,” Jacob said.

Meanwhile he revealed how he’s going to drag the United Arab Emirates to court for wrongly arresting him.

Jacob says its the second time he’s being deported from Dubai and has never got past the airport.

He wants to know why he’s classified as a Nigerian yet he’s a Ugandan.

Written by Aine Siggy

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