More misery for Bruno K

What a week and month singer and guitarist Bruno K will want to forget and erase out of his mind.

The singer’s misery keeps piling up each and every day.

At first he tragically lost his baby mama last week and a lot of words have been making rounds with majority social media users crucifying him for neglecting her to the grave.

He was then accused by Oscar Big Tym/Scar Ug who he had rescued from the garbage pits.

Oscar accused Bruno K of profiting off him and chewing his money meant for relief from fans and well wishers.

The latest is how the Faridah singer has lost his Facebook account to anonymous hackers.

He made the announcement through his Instagram account cautioning his followers against the content posted there.

A number of celebrities have over the past lost their social media accounts to hackers.

These include Pallaso, Judith Heard, Fik Fameica, MC Kats among others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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