Spice Diana trashes the Janzi Awards

Female singer Hajarah Namukwaya popularly knows as Spice Diana has come out to trash the Janzi Awards saying they were not fair and full of favoritism plus selfish interests.

The Onsanula singer questioned what the hurry was for in organizing an Awards ceremony in a space of 2 weeks.

Spice also wondered why the organizers asked the fans to vote yet the end result depended on the organizers themselves.

“For the Janzi Awards in Particular:

What was the rush to organize an award ceremony in two weeks. What was the intention of the event?

Why did you allow the fans to vote if the final verdict depended on the opinion of just the ‘academy’ who we are not sure of their interests.”

“We congratulate every winner however what is the criteria you used to determine the Artist of the year. I know so many great artists who deserved that accolade hands down.”

She added that if the government wants to promote the industry, then clear headed people who have no selfish interests should be used from the industry.

She also said that the arts industry should be reopened so that they go back to work.

Spice Diana argued that the ceremony that took place at Kololo independence grounds had lots of unmasked people.

She then questioned whether events organized by government don’t lead to COVID 19.

The singer was one of the nominees but unfortunately didn’t win any award.

Written by Aine Siggy

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