Video: Apass Kisses Sheila Salta On Stage

Dancehall singer Apass seems to be getting his minds taken slowly by NBS TV presenter Sheila Salta.

The two couldn’t hide their PDA live on stage as Apass performed his Give me a kiss song.

Sheila appeared on stage and started dancing ‘0 distance with a smitten Apass.

The Mutooro man couldn’t hide his arousal as he for a moment forgot that he was on public and on stage.

The Wuyo singer reached for Sheila’s lips, planted a hot kiss on them and the two froze for a moment in time.

Sheila after took to her Instagram page to show how excited she was for finally getting her kiss from Apass.

The two of recent have been so worryingly close leaving some people to guess that the Tooro connection is in play.

Written by Aine Siggy

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