Abraynz regrets not holding his ASFAS Awards

Ugandan fashion icon Brian Ahumuza has come out to express his regret for not holding his annual Abraynz Style and Fashion Awards.

This is the second year in a row that he’s not organizing the Awards that were once heralded as the best in Africa in that category.

Abraynz made the remarks through his social media after attending the Janzi Awards that happened over the weekend.

These awards at Kololo Independence Grounds were filled to capacity with crowds despite the government suspending all social gatherings and limiting them to just 200 people.

 “I should have organized ASFAs. It seems we are allowed to gather people,” a somehow remorseful Abraynz posted.

Some of his followers told him that he still has a few weeks to the end of 2021 but the fashionista said it takes him about a full year to organize the ceremony.

The Janzi Awards are however sponsored by the law maker and the law user (government), sorry for you Brian.

Government is however expected to fully open up the economy next year in January as per the President’s recent speeches.

Written by Aine Siggy

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