I have people that love the rubbish I sing – Spice Diana

Singer Namukwaya Hajjara commonly known as Spice Diana has hit back at critics who say she is not talented and she sings rubbish.

This came after Spice Diana trashed the recent concluded Janzi Awards. Songstress Spice Diana said they have no value and are meant to silence artists from speaking about hurts them.

According to Spice Diana there are some people who love her rubbish she sings and she wonders why those that say she is not talented listen to her music.

“Even if I sing rubbish, I have people that love my rubbish. Why do you even listen to my music? Those saying am not talented, let me tell you I am Spice Diana and that’s why you listen to my music, that is why your following me on my social media platforms.” Spice Diana said

Spice Diana said Janzi Awards will not make her cry because they are nothing to her. She has won more than that.

Spice’s only request was government to open up the art industry so that they work for themselves like they used to do.

Written by Aine Siggy

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