Victor Ruz refutes claims of dating Desire Luzinda’s daughter

Singer Victor Ruz has refuted claims of dating Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle.

This came after he wrote a heartful message on Michelle’s 18th birthday, which looked more like a love message.

However, according to Victor Ruz, the message he wrote to Michelle was an appreciation message of the love she has with her mother Desire not the love he has for her.

“People misinterpreted my birthday message to Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle. I was just appreciating the love she has with her mother not the love I have for her. I just love the way they look, interact and the bond they have between them.” Victor Ruz said

Desire Luzinda and her daughter are in the United States of America, they left in 2018.

It should be noted that last year when Desire Luzinda came back to Uganda, she was asked about this young artist Victor Ruz and the feelings he has for her daughter but the only reply was they don’t know him and they don’t wish to know him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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