Kapa Cat further shows her dislike for Spice Diana

Forget the speeches that don’t pin women against women, let them shine blah blah.

Just watch and see how they will tear themselves apart alone.

After Spice Diana showing her bitterness at the Janzi Awards over being pipped to the Female Artist of the year Award in the Janzi Awards by Azawi, the Onsanula singer made sure to trash the words.

However, another female singer, Catherine Tumusiime aka Kapa Cat couldn’t let Spice Diana’s disses go unanswered to.

Kapa Cat who was one of the attedants of the Janzi Awards said that Spice Diana should stop whining and crying like a baby over the Awards.

She cited herself as an example saying she got no award but wasn’t crying about it.

To further show her dislike for her fellow singer, Kapa Cat took to her Instagram stories to endorse an article that showed how she bashed Spice Diana over the Janzi Awards.

Well either one of them is chasing for clout from the other.

Though Spice Diana has already got hers from the Janzi Awards but this maybe could be a new beef boiling up.

Written by Aine Siggy

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