Prince Omar reportedly makes Uturn on Grace Khan’s baby

It seems though as singer Prince Omar has made a Uturn about Grace Khan’s baby.

The two have dominated the news for some time dating to when Grace Khan was still pregnant.

Rumors had it that Prince Omar was the father of the singer’s unborn baby then.

Omar however trashed these rumors saying he had never met Grace Kahn and therefore it was impossible to be the father.

Grace Khan while celebrating her baby shower, broke down in tears saying her baby daddy had dumped her.

She however gave birth successfully to a baby girl she named Illona Grannah.

Prince Omar posted a picture of himself carrying a baby saying that “Little one, I can kill FOR YOU, my prayer before the day begins, I pray Lord to foremostly give you health, protect you and your mother, bl ss you and before this flight, I pray for the same all around for you truly a blessing.”

There was also reports that he had taken Grace Khan’s baby for a DNA.

Grace Khan however bashed him saying that he should stop using her baby to chase clout.

Written by Aine Siggy

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