Bobi Wine is not ‘mean’ – Elder brother Eddy Yawe defends

Bobi Wine’s big brother and singer Eddy Yawe has defended him from being ‘mean’ rumors that has made rounds in the media.

This came after Bobi Wine decided to stand for presidential seat in 2021 and some Ugandans started accusing him of being selfish and mean.

According to Eddy Yawe, Bobi Wine is a very giving person and him standing for people and creating a political party that has fed more people and has changed their lives and those of their families is enough.

“Bobi Wine is not a mean person like people say. My young brother has risked his life stood for people and created a political party that has fed people, changed their lives and those of their families. That is really enough. ” Eddy Yawe said

Bobi Wine coming from a well off family, Eddy Yawe said it is the hard work their parents put in and them as children.

Eddy Yawe said Ugandans should be fair, Bobi Wine will not die for them to prove that he is not mean.

Written by Aine Siggy

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