I can never leave Pr Bugingo because he’s rich- Susan Makula

City controversial pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s relationship with his mistress Susan Makula has been one of the highlights of the year.

The couple even went to legalize their relationship this month in a traditional ceremony.

Despite the criticism that Makula has faced for going ahead to bed her married boss, she simply doesn’t care.

Makula says that she’s never leaving Bugingo for anyone because he’s heaven sent and his pocket is also happy.

She said that the Pastor gives her everything she has ever dreamt of and there is no way she would forsake his love.

“Many people wonder why I chose to settle with Bugingo but I am blessed to have him. He has shown me, unending love. He provides support to my family and friends. Why would I leave someone who has given me anything I used to dream about,”  she said while appearing on Salt TV.

Makula has faced public backlash as many label her a ‘prostitute, gold digger and man snatcher.’

She clearly doesn’t care because “kyelondera taba mubbi.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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