Prince Omar accepts responsibility for Grace Khan’s pregnancy

Forever upcoming singer Prince Omar has finally conceded responsibility for Grace Khan’s pregnancy which she eventually gave birth to last week.

Through a leaked phone conversation, Omar was speaking to a friend and revealed that truly there was something between him and Grace Khan.

He then said that he told to Grace Khan to abort the baby but she refused.

The Bajikweka singer said that the child was going to be a problem to him because he wasn’t prepared yet.

Omar added in this conversation that the child would be a bastard.

“The truth is Grace Khan didn’t tell me first about the pregnancy. I got to know about it after it had gone viral. I then told her we should abort and I was ready to provide the money to her. Whatever happened between us happened and I also told her I would see her through the birth process if she wished to keep the pregnancy. The truth is I was however npt prepared for this child. There is nothing between me and Grace Khan and the child will always be an outsider. However I will do all I can to provide where necessary. But right now I don’t have the means to provide for the child properly,” the singer said in this phone conversation.

Omar however publicly denied responsibility for this pregnancy leading to Grace Khan even shedding tears during her baby shower as she said the owner of the pregnancy denied it.

Luckily she gave birth a few weeks ago to a baby girl.

Written by Aine Siggy

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