I bleached to please God- Pastor Irene Manjeri

Hmm interesting how some people’s ‘God’ speaks to them and tells them to do outrageous things.

Bethel Healing Ministries pastor, Irene Manjeri has come out to say that she bleached to please God and get Him more followers.

The pastor said that most people accuse her of bleaching but she’s actually fine with it.

Manjeri says that not everyone looks good naturally hence her decision to look artificial.

She also says that it’s the reason women wear wigs.

Manjeri also says that she was annointed by God before and after bleaching therefore no one can stop her from doing the work of God.

Besides, Manjeri also wonders how one can do God’s work and say He does wonders when they look dreadful.

It’s the reason she strives to look so hot in her ‘different colors one people.’

“People always accuse me of bleaching but I don’t find a problem with it. The point is that I look good with my artificial looks because natural looks don’t good on all of us. That’s why we wear wigs. My daughter even sends me eyelashes which I wear. I was annointed by God to look like this. How do you tell people about the grace of God when you look awful, it’s the reason I look gorgeous,” Pastor Manjeri says.

Written by Aine Siggy

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